Environmental Policy

Let’s minimize our ecological footprint

Hotel & Spa Etxegana, as an ecological establishment, has implemented an environmental policy in order to make a firm commitment to the protection of the environment. We believe in preserving our planet and strive to minimize our ecological footprint while providing our customers with a quality experience. Here are some of the green initiatives we have implemented:

Solar panels: To reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy, we installed solar panels in our garden. This clean energy source allows us to heat water and provide electricity to part of our facilities.

Local and seasonal products: We favor the use of local and seasonal products in our cuisine. By favoring local suppliers, we reduce our carbon footprint by limiting the distances traveled by the products we use.

Recycling and Water Harvesting: We implement an efficient recycling program throughout the facility, and we also collect rainwater for non-potable uses, such as watering gardens or cleaning.

LED lighting and energy-efficient equipment: We have equipped our facilities with LED lighting and energy-efficient appliances to reduce our overall electricity consumption.

Waste Reduction Policy: We encourage our customers to adopt environmentally friendly practices, such as reusing towels and sorting waste, as part of our waste management policy.

At Etxegana Hotel & Spa, we believe that every little action counts in preserving our planet. By integrating eco-friendly practices into every aspect of our operation, we strive to play an active role in protecting the environment, while providing our guests with an exceptional, nature-friendly stay experience.

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