Hotel Etxegana has three 3 rooms fitted for meetings with modern technological and audio-visual equipment and free WiFi.

The location, comforts, and services provided in a silent, relaxing setting make for an ideal location to hold a company meeting and reach all your objectives.

Just like the hotel’s decoration, inspired by one of our favourite places in Indonesia, the rooms are named after different destinations on the fabulous island of Bali.


A lounge with direct access to the hotel gardens and fabulous views all around the Gorbea Nature Reserve through its windows making every meeting and work event a true pleasure.

Capacity: – 250 people in lobby – 210 people in theatre option – 200 people in banquet


A unique space thanks to its location, comfort, and harmony with the spectacular landscape, whose colours are reflected in the lounge’s large windows, it makes for an ideal stage to hold a small-sized event.

Capacity: – 80 people in lobby – 60 people in theatre option – 30 people in U


A small lounge with a warm and welcoming atmosphere and capacity for 10 people, equipped with all technological systems needed for any kind of meeting.

All meetings can be complemented with a coffee break service, catering, wine tasting, outings, and à la carte group activities.

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